Mainland Run April 2009
Mainland Run Sunday 27th April. 20 bikes boarded the 9am Fishbourne Ferry, the first stop was on the hills above Portsmouth to see the breathtaking view over the Solent. We then headed for Tywford using small country lanes enjoying the beautiful weather.
Our route continued to Godshill near Fordingbridge at which point we took to the edges of the New Forest.
We stopped in Burley before completing the trip along the Ornamental Drive and on to Lyminington to catch the 6.00pm Ferry back to the Island. Special thanks to Wolfe and Tail end Charlie: Michel & Jan

The age group 41-81 is flexible . Safe sensible riding is what is important, so if you are younger - please join us

Thanks to Angie and Steve for the pictures

PETER WILSON'S PICTURES - Peter lives on the mainland, and joined our run,