The age group 41-81 is flexible . Safe sensible riding is what is important,
so if you are younger - please join us

Picture Gallery July 2017
Sunday 23rd July Sandown Pier
Route: TR out of the car park - Blackwater TR towards Sandown - take 1st left turn to Hare & Hounds Traffic Lights TR - across the Downs road taking the right turn across Brading Down - TJ - turn left and bear left through Brading - on towards Ryde. Traffic Lights turn right and at Mrabt at St Helens turn right - along the embankment through Bembridge past the Windmill - Mrabt TR towards Sandown - Yarbridge Traffic Light turn Left and follow the road through Sandown taking the left turn down towards the seafront then right and left parking outside the Pier.

Sunday July 23rd run to Sandown Pier
Unfortunately this month was cancelled mid run, although 14 turned up, we all knew it would rain, we hoped later rather than sooner, but it was sooner, in fact about 15 minutes into the ride it was so heavy I decided to cancel the run which is only the second time in 15 years. Thanks for turning up, sorry it ended the way it did. See you next month, thanks to Paul Turner, tail-end-Charlie