Picture Gallery February 2018
Circular Run back to Godshill
Route: Turn left out of car park - Whitley Bank TR towards Ventnor, TR and the Chip Shop and next right to Whitwell - Left at the church to Nition - TJ turn right to Rookley - TJ turn left to Blackwater TJ turn right towards Arreton - take the Left turn to the Traffic Light at the Hare and Hounds - TR across the Downs - TR across Brading Down - Yarbridge Traffic Light TR towards Lake - Lake Traffic Lights TR to Apse Heath - MRabt turn left to Whitely bank and TR back to Godshill

11 of us made it this month, such a long time since the last ride out, heavy damp mist, almost fog seemed to cover the Island.
We had a young man join us this month for the first time, he was riding a 50cc bike which has limited power and can only attain 28mph flat out and although we tend to have a gentle pace there was a problem for him on hills, we made a couple of catch-up stops.
The Island looks a bit drab at the moment and the roads were very slippery with the conditions, in-fact a member had an incident coming to Godshill and has stretched his shoulder tendons, very experience rider, 10 mph, slippery white line, we are all close to that when the weather is wet, at leased nothing is broken. Thanks to Steve L - tail end Charlie
See you next month - P

The age group 41-81 is flexible . Safe sensible riding is what is important, so if you are younger - please join us