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Club Member Steve Langford

Steve talking to Paul
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If you are down in Poole, cross the harbour entrance at Sandbanks on the ferry and explore the Isle of Purbeck, Swanage, Corfe and the maze of roads in the Purbeck Hills. Don't forget Lulworth Cove and Lulworth Castle. Find your way north on the B3071, cross the railway and bear left for Bovington Tank Museum, or further north to Monkey World. Both worth a visit.
Continue north to Bere Regis and head north off the roundabout on the A31 for one mile. Bear left for Winterborne Kingston, left again for Winterborne Whitechurch, cross the A354 to find Milton Abbas, turn left down the hill through the picturesque thatches (you could take tea and cakes here) and turn right at the bottom of the hill for Milton Abbey. Continue for Hilton, but don't forget to glance over your left shoulder for a fine view of this splendid building.
At Ansty Cross turn right and rise up to Bulbarrow Hill. Check out the Blackmoor Vale from here and the views each end of this little triangle. Have fun finding your way out of this 8 mile circle of steep and narrow lanes. If you can, join the A357 near Shillingstone and head east, passing Hod Hill on your left.

If it's Tuesday afternoon
, head back to Poole Quay on the A350 to the bikers' gathering for around 5pm and spot your dream machine at one of the biggest regular meets you can visit.

If you are down
in Poole