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Over the hills and not so far away! June 2009.

At last the better weather and longer hours of light are with us and a new hunger for day trips is in me, to visit those tucked away places just a short hop away! Share this with me.

To Lymington, (on the new ferry),A337 to Brockenhurst and head for Ornimental Drive through the heart of the forest, stopping to gaze at the giant Redwoods and listen to the wild life waking to the spring warmth. Join the A35 east to Lyndhurst,A337 north to Cadnam, fast track the A3090 N.E. to Romsey, finding the A3057 north to Mottisfont Abbey to check the level and flow of the life giving river Test on it`s fast pace south. Next, on past Stockbridge, still on the A3057 north through Leckford, turning right after the Mayfly Inn onto the B3048 for Wherwell and it`s picture book thatches.

On through picturesque St. Mary Bourne, to turn right, N.E. onto the A343, thus avoiding Andover. This empty scenic A route leads to Newbury, but try joining the A34 north for a brisk hop and get off for the A4, head east -- Newbury A4, and head north at the roundabout connecting with the B4494 to Wantage. This is another empty ribbon of tarmac to tingle the blood. As you near Wantage, ease off as you tip over the Ridgeway, the views are quite stunning and worth a stop to gaze at. Decend into Wantage and follow the B4507 westward to White Horse Hill and ride around the small loop to the south, check out the views to the north, the giant wind turbines in the distance and the edges of the basin you are on! A car park is provided should you wish to climb up to the chalk carving. Continue west on the B4507 to Ashbury, cross the B4000 and ride through Wanborough to join the A419, head south, cross the M4, join the A346 heading to Marlborough.

In Marlborough there is a quiet scenic road N.W. passing Rockley, leading to Broad Hinton, again crossing the Ridgeway which is worth stopping at before your decent. Ride on and join the A4361 south to Avebury and ponder the stones over a tasty snack at the Red Lion.

Continue south to West Kennett passing more strange stones on your right, then link up to the A4 east for Marlborough, but swing off and follow the A345 through Pewsey. As you leave Pewsey, bear left at the filling station then right to ride cross country alone to Everleigh. Turn left onto the A342 and south on the A338, cross under the A303, left at the roundabout and use the B3084 S.E. to Grateley, bear left, east, after crossing the railway onto the lonely road to the A343, turn right the left and on past Danebury Hill, arriving at the west end of Stockbridge.Make your way east on the High Street to Lilley`s tea room.

From this lovely old market town you can use the B3049 to cross Winchester and use the Portsmouth route home or go to Lymington on the A3057, A3090 and the A337. I made my way towards Portsmouth via Winchester, then diagonaly S.E. to Warnford (A32), Old Winchester Hill just S.E. of Warnford.

From this twisty acent and decent there are some amazing views especially of East Meon and the church spire. On to Chidden, Clanfield and Waterloville. Finally I ended up near Drayton overlooking Portsmouth Harbour and the Isle of Wight before catching an evening sailing home. Quite an interest filled, intense ride of around 200 miles, but then what are bikes for? Enjoy!

by Steve Langford.

Ridge Rider
June 2009