Norton Owners National Rally 20th - 22nd July 2007

Club 4181 supports the Annual National
Norton Owners Club Rally on the Isle of Wight.

This was quite an honour for the Island’s Norton Owners Club to be asked to arrange this National Rally in conjunction with the Norton Owners Club Solent Branch.

Club 4181 were asked to organize 4 rideouts for the Norton Rally on Saturday 22nd July 2007 as we have such a good knowledge of the Island.

Three of the Routes were taken by Club Members,
(1) Paul & Angie,
(2) Richard & Mark
(3) Steve & Paul (T).

All the routes ended up at the Needles, where club member Mark (who works at the Needles) had arranged Display Parking in the ‘Street’ as it is known, it is the paved area outside the shops, cafe and restaurant.

This was the only time such a display has been allowed within the pedestrian area. The weather was fine for the runs and coffee stops on the routes, but it poured down just as the groups arrived, it was only a short sharp shower.

There were 93 Nortons on display and 193 people attended the Rally based at Atherfield Holiday Camp.
The feedback to the 4181Club Members was very positive, and the Solent and IOW Norton members have expressed their thanks.

May the of visitors taking the various rideouts expressed how much they enjoyed the routes and seeing the Island for the first time.

I would also like to thank all the 4181 members who helped with the rideouts. Paul- 4181
Pictures by: Steve Langford & Angie