SAT. 27th Sept 2008
‘Salisbury Plain Drifting’ Salisbury, Devizes, & Laycock.

18 bikes, with good number of pillions, and quite a few first timers joined us for a great dayout. Unfortunately the mist remained for most of the day, there were a few outbreaks of sun. The leaves are turning golden early this year which made the ride very nice as the route included mostly countryside.
For this run we changed the leader and I was Tail End for part of the run which made a nice change, and I was so impressed with the way all the riders followed the Layoff system, especially in Devizes where there was a diversion due to road works, which mean’t we had an involved route out of the town, the system worked well and we lost nobody.
Just outside Devizes we call in to see the the 29 water locks, I should imagine it is an all day task to take a boat up or down the lock system, each is hand operated. We spent a little time in the period town of Laycock which is used for filming period films and televison programmes. Our route back took us accross part of Salisbury Plains, it was odd to see road signs for Tanks Crossing.
Everyone who came on this run enjoyed their day, many thanks to member Steve for the route, and Mich, Tail End for part of the route