Picture Gallery December 2015
Sunday 20th December 2015
Route TL out of the car park - Whitley Bank Mrabt - TR towards Ventnor - Upper Ventnor TR at the Chip Shop and take next right towards Whitwell - TL at the church - Niton - TL then TR towards Chale - past Chale - about half a mile TR down a small track - TJ - TR towards Shorwell at the Mrabt - TR towards Carisbrooke - MRabt TR down Carisbrooke High Street - MRabt TR - Mrabt 3rd Exit past back Carisbrooke Castle - Gatcombe TL towards Rookley TJ - TR towards Godshill - Whitely Back Mrabt TL to Apse Heath - Mrabt TR towards Sandown - Lake traffic light TL towards Sandown - Mrabt - TL towards Brading and take the left turn to the Villa

Dec 20th Run to Roman Villa Brading
As expected only a few joined us this month, lots to do at Christmas and limited time for most.
9 riders joined us this month, weather was unpredictable but stayed warm and dry for the afternoon, the run was longer than normal, 40 miles in fact so we just made it to the Villa before they close at 4pm. The countryside is always something and nothing at this time of the year, lots of sheep grazing, - thanks to Mich - tail end Charlie.
Ride safe and we will see you next year.

The age group 41-81 is flexible . Safe sensible riding is what is important, so if you are younger - please join us